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Management and Leadership (Eng)

About Cambridge Business School

Cambridge Business School is a prestigious educational institution focused on providing business education in professional MBA programmes. The content of the programmes is based on the latest knowledge in the field of business education and the quality of the study is guaranteed by prestigious accreditation and membership of international association and by lecturers at a highly professional level with many years of experience.

Professional education programs at Cambridge Business School offer participants to expand their managerial knowledge and skills beyond higher education. The programmes are intended not only for entrepreneurs or members of higher management but for all who are interested in improving their knowledge and the expansion of their knowledge to the field of practical use.

Why Cambridge Business School

Cambridge Business School offers flexible form of study and therefore is adapted for very busy participants. Thanks to the flexible form of study the students can customize their own study plan according to their own time options. The lectures provided by Cambridge Business School are set up for student's easy access to studies while not losing their every-day work standards.

An important aspect is also the possibility of each student to enrich the lectures consulting their corporate affairs and problems directly in the lessons with lecturers. Cambridge Business School also allows their students to apply their newly acquired knowledge and information to their own working environment.

Our lecturers are experts, each dedicated to a specific area of the educational programme, and their goal is to help students to be able to effectively apply theoretical knowledge into practice. The lectures are based on real examples, real projects and case studies. The results and added values of this approach is the fulfilment of the main vision of the Cambridge Business School which is the transfer of theoretical knowledge into practical professional life.

Management and Leadership

Cambridge Business School brings the whole new concept of a flexible form of study of prestigious MBA degree and provides students with an extraordinary opportunity to study the Management and Leadership programme in English.

The MBA Management and Leadership program provides students with practical information from all the important areas of management that are necessary for the highly professional performance of their top manager position. Students will gain valuable knowledge of a various specialized management activities, including knowledge related to marketing communication, international business or commercial law. The program also provides students with knowledge to help them improve their communication skills, to learn how to lead and motivate teams, and to ensure personal development. The program composition makes it ideal for entrepreneurs, middle and senior management members, executives and anyone who is interested in following modern management trends and being able to effectively use it.


Fundamental Modules

  • Corporate Management

    The course explains fundamental principles and practices related to business planning, organizing, leading and controlling. It offers an understanding of what management is all about and how management functions are performed. After completing the course, participants should be able to explain how to define goals, establish strategies and develop plans, how to develop an organizational structure and individual jobs, how to lead people toward the achievement of desired performance, or how to establish performance standards and monitor actual performance.

  • Strategic management

    The aim of this module is to acquaint students with the issue of strategic thinking and management in today's turbulent world. The module includes topics such as: foresight in the work of a manager, analysis and synthesis, creativity, innovative thinking and thinking outside the box. The students will be trained in the field of strategic thinking and will be able to plan scenarios or create an early warning system for their company.

  • Leadership and Team Work

    What distinguishes the successful teams from the unsuccessful ones? How can we define a PERFORM team? What affects team productivity and morality? What is the role of the leader in a team? The aim of the module is to inspire the students and encourage them in searching for the answers to these questions and last but not least to offer them techniques for working with their own team.

  • Financial Planning and Investment

    The aim of this module is to acquaint listeners with the theory, principles and practical procedures of long-term financial management as they are applied in the conditions of investment and financing of enterprises in the Czech Republic. Students will become acquainted with basic determinants that affect the value of money over time, methods of evaluating investment projects and other important areas of investment decision-making.

  • Personnel management

    The goal of this module is to acquaint students with the modern knowledge of personnel management and with different ways in which it is applied by Czech companies and by companies from all over the world. The aim of this module is also to define personnel work in the organization, to understand the position of personnel work in the organization management system, to define terms “personnel strategy” and “personnel policy” and to understand the relationship between them. Students will deal with strategic human resources management and the issues which internal and external conditions can change strategic human resources management.

  • Marketing and PR communication

    The main theme of this module is to clarify the basic principles of marketing and PR communication considering the new communication trends of our time. The aim of this module is to explain the functioning of the marketing and PR principles in practice, where at the centre of the action are the customers and the marketing tries to reach out to them and to build a long-lasting and loyal relationship with them.

  • Project management and planning

    The module Project Management and Planning develops a foundation of concepts and solutions that supports the planning, scheduling, controlling, resource allocation, and performance measurement activities required for successful completion of a project. This module examines project management in a variety of global business settings. Included are project management methodologies and processes as well as culture, team building, and behaviour management in a global context. Project management is examined as a set of best practices aimed at managing the total enterprise. Through a project management approach, corporate and organizational strategies are translated into project-level, value-adding elements of a company's project portfolio.

  • Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship

    The module Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship offers an introduction to the most important legal issues related to entrepreneurship. The aim of this module is to provide to the students the knowledge and orientation in the legal environment and business related legal issued, in the field of both public and private law. The module focuses on commitment relations and labour law, responsibility of the entrepreneur and deeper understanding of the bankruptcy of the entrepreneur and insolvency proceedings.

  • Communication and Presentation

    Communication and presentation skills are the essential soft skills for managers and leaders who wants to set up efficient and pleasant working environment for their employees. It is also about clear and „human“ working relationships and enjoyable company culture. The skill of communication gives the base for effective project leading, problem solving, preventing issues and for personal development. There is wide range of methods and rules defining this topic. This module reflects just the most important one.

  • Managerial and leadership skills

    Content of the lecture is concentrated to managerial and leadership skills as a part of managerial competencies. Managerial and leadership skills as communication, motivation, conflict management and time management are explained based on examples of personal characteristics of employees. Module Managerial and leadership skills include topics of:

    1. Management, organisation and managerial competencies.

    2. Managerial competencies and leadership skills.

    3. Personality of manager and employee

    4. Work and motivation by employee personality.

    5. Communication with employees and other managers.

    6. Conflict management and negative problems as bossing, mobbing.

    7. Effective time management, quality of life. Burnout syndrome

Course of Study

  • To successfully finish their studies, students must pass all 10 study modules which are divided into 2 semesters, meaning each semester consists of 5 modules. At the end of their studies students submit their final thesis which must be defended in front of a commission.

  • Students meet lectors from individual modules at seminars which are held twice a semester. At these seminars, lectors provide all information regarding individual modules and completion conditions.

  • The first seminar is held at the beginning of the academic year and includes the introduction to the courses and explanation of the first 2 modules. The second seminar is held in the first half of the semester and covers 3 remaining modules. Other 2 seminars are held in the second semester; the first seminar covers the first 3 modules and the second seminar remaining 2 modules. Students attend altogether 4 seminars.

  • One module represents 3 lessons (3x45 minutes).

  • The courses of the programme Management and Leadership are taught in English language. We also accept English language in all the written assignments.

  • Students will be provided all the necessary information and study materials through our study department. Students can also consult anything and anytime with our lectors using different means of communication – telephone, email, videoconference or in person.

  • Students meet the educational requirements by attending seminars, consulting with lectors and studying available materials.

  • Students must complete each assignment per each module. Assignments are consequently rated by the lector. It is not compulsory to attend seminars but strongly recommended.

  • The studies are completed after the final thesis is defended. The defence of the final thesis is in English.




  • PaedDr. Ing. Kateřina Bočková, Ph.D., MBA

    PaedDr. Ing. Kateřina Bočková, Ph.D., MBA

    V súčasnej dobe projektová manažérka športových udalostí a mnohých organizačných projektov. Svoju praktickú, vedeckovýskumnú, pedagogickú a publikačnú činnosť zameriava na ekonomicko-manažérske oblasti s akcentom na projektové riadenie. V súčasnosti pôsobí na pozícií odborného asistenta na Vysokej škole DTI v Dubnici nad Váhom. Zastáva tam pozíciu zástupcu vedúceho katedry manažmentu a ekonómie, kde prichádza do styku s mnohými vzdelávacími, organizačnými a výskumnými projektmi.

    Vyštudovala Fakultu stavebnú Vysokého učení technického v Brne, odbor Ekonomika a riadenie stavebníctva. V rámci postgraduálneho štúdia na tej istej fakulte sa zamerala na štúdium a aplikáciu projektového riadenia. Svoje praktické skúsenosti preniesla do absolutória MBA profesijného vzdelávacieho programu zameraného na projektové riadenie. Pedagogické vzdelávanie získala prostredníctvom študijného programu „Učitelství ekonomických předmetů“.

    Od roku 2002 do 2011 bola odbornou asistentkou na Fakulte manažmentu a ekonomiky na Univerzite Tomáša Baťu v Zlíne. V rokoch 2004-2005 tu viedla Ústav podnikovej ekonomiky.

    Je autorkou mnohých článkov a publikácií z oblasti projektového riadenia, rovnako tak niekoľkých významných kníh. Prednáša na bakalárskych, magisterských a MBA akreditovaných študijných programoch doma aj v zahraničí a je lektorkou Projektového riadenia v niekoľkých školiacich a vzdelávacích zariadeniach.

  • PhDr. Karel Červený, MSc., MBA

    PhDr. Karel Červený, MSc., MBA

    Karel Červený je vizionár, manažér – praktik, kreativec, učiteľ. Má nevšedné formy výučby, dokáže zložité veci podať jednoduchým spôsobom, vie tóriu vysvetliť na príkladoch svojej manažérskej praxi. Je uznávaným expertom na rozvoj kreativity a inovačného myslenia.

    Prešiel mnohými profesiami od referenta kultúrneho domu, riaditeľa osvetovej agentúry, lektora, kouča, poradcu, imagemakera, vedúceho personálneho odboru, personálneho riaditeľa, učiteľa na FF MU a VŠE až po riaditeľa vzdelávacej agentúry Talent Innovation.

    Vyštudoval andragogiku na UPOL Olomouc, titul MSc. získal počas štúdia ekonomiky na Trent Nottingham University a MBA študoval na Business School v Holandsku. V súčasnosti dokončuje rigorózne riadenie a študuje kreativitu v doktorandskom štúdiu PhD. na VŠE.

  • Ing. Yvona Charouzdová

    Ing. Yvona Charouzdová

    Ing. Yvona Charouzdová je v súčasnej dobe riaditeľkou spoločnosti Talent Management Center International a súčasne vedie dôležité projekty v oblasti leadershipu a talent manažmentu. Ako trénerka sa špecializuje na tvorivé dielne zamerané na zvyšovanie kvality ľudských zdrojov, vedie špecializované tréningy so zameraním na strategický rozvoj ľudských zdrojov, odmeňovanie a medzi kultúrne riadenie spoločností. Koučuje špičkových manažérov s vynikajúcimi výsledkami.

    Pracovné skúsenosti čerpala v oblasti poradenstva, kde medzi jej aktivity patrilo vyhľadávanie špičkových manažérov, osôb stredného článku riadenia i špecialistov. Ďalšou činnosťou bolo riadenie špičkových poradenských projektov v oblasti rozvoja riadenia ľudského potenciálu (vypracovanie a implementácia hodnotiacich a motivačných systémov, odmeňovanie podľa výkonu, manažérsko-personálne audity a organizačné poradenstvo). V bankovom prostredí sa venovala koncepcií vzdelávacích projektov, ktoré pilotne lektorovala.

    Študovala na univerzitách v Prahe a Veľkej Británii, svoje vzdelanie si potom rozširovala na profesionálne zameraných seminároch v Nemecku, Rakúsku, Holandsku a Taliansku.

  • Ing. Jiří Mach, Ph.D.

    Ing. Jiří Mach, Ph.D.

    Má mnohé skúsenosti s lektorskú činností v rámci podnikovej a manažérske ekonomiky a finančného plánovania. Dlhoročnú prax získal počas pôsobenia ako koordinátor tazateľských sietí zaoberajúcich sa vedením personálnej agendy a školením zamestnancov v oblasti zberu dát a komunikácie. V súčasnej dobe pôsobí ako odborný asistent na Katedre Ekonomiky Prevádzkovo-ekonomickej fakulty ČZU v Prahe.

    Špecializuje sa na oblasť podnikovej ekonomiky, komoditné ekonomiky, investícií a ich financovanie, finančného plánovania a analýzy rizika.

    Je absolventom magisterského programu Poľnohospodárske inžinierstvo a doktorandského programu Podniková a sektorová ekonomika na Českej poľnohospodárskej univerzite v Prahe.

  • Mgr. Lenka Olšanská

    Mgr. Lenka Olšanská

    Mgr. Lenka Olšanka je certifikovanou profesionálnou koučka (Erickson College, 2006) a posledných 9 rokov ponúka manažérsky, kariérny a podnikateľský koučing, pre jednotlivcov a tímy.

    Učí druhých ako viesť a riadiť tímy, ako lepšie komunikovať a riešiť konflikty, ako koučovať a ako efektívnejšie spolupracovať. Zvlášť rada vytvára a učí programy zamerané na osobnostný rozvoj.

    Viac ako 11 rokov bola na rôznych manažérskych pozíciách zodpovedná za výsledky firmy a rozvoj ľudí, predovšetkým v oblasti obchodu, zákazníckeho servisu, marketingu a logistiky. Získala skúsenosti s riadením strategických aktivít a s rozvojom vzťahov s partnermi a štátnymi inštitúciami. Bola zodpovedná za riadenie vnútro firemných zmien v ČR i SR.

    V posledných rokoch sa zaujíma o riadenie zmien na úrovni jednotlivca a skupín, spolupracuje s medzinárodnou neziskovou organizáciou Initiatives of Change Intl a aktívne sa zúčastňuje konferencií a workshopov v Caux-Montreux, vo Švajčiarsku.

    Pôvodne vyštudovala biochémiu na PRF Univerzity Karlovej, následne absolvovala tematizované kurz práce s telom v psychoterapii a vzdelávací program Liečebná pedagogika a sociálno-umelecká terapia.

  • JUDr. Iva Podhorská, LL.M.

    JUDr. Iva Podhorská, LL.M.

    Advokátka zaoberajúca sa najmä obchodným právom a právom cenných papierov. Počas svojej praxe pôsobila v popredných advokátskych kanceláriách v ČR i v zahraničí. Publikuje a je autorkou niekoľkých odborných článkov predovšetkým z oblasti obchodného práva.

    Iva Podhorská hovorí plynule anglicky a nemecky. Od roku 2009 je súdnou tlmočníčkou pre nemecký jazyk.

    Vyštudovala Právnickú fakultu Masarykovej univerzity v Brne a následne absolvovala postgraduálne štúdium na Technickej univerzite v Drážďanoch. V roku 2008 obhájila na Právnickej fakulte Karlovej univerzity rigoróznu prácu na tému "Vrátenie neoprávnenej štátnej pomoci z pohľadu komunitárneho práva" a získala titul JUDr.

  • Ing. Jana Puhalová

    Ing. Jana Puhalová

    Jana Puhalová, ocenená Lektorka roku 2011 Asociáciou inštitúciou vzdelávania dospelých (AIVD), má bohaté skúsenosti s vedením tímov, personálnym rozvojom a nastavovaním firemných procesov. Je mentorkou a trénerkou v oblasti leadershipu, personálneho rozvoja a riadenia zmien, s čím súvisia aj komunikačné zručnosti.

    Špecializuje sa tiež na train the trainer, teda rozvoj trénerov / lektorov v oblasti profesionálneho ďalšieho vzdelávania, vedie prednášky na odborných konferenciách a venuje sa procesnej optimalizáciou a LEAN všeobecne.

    Vyštudovala Systémové inžinierstvo a informatiku na Technickej univerzite v Liberci a pracuje ako systémový analytik a projektový manažér.

  • Mgr. Tomáš Zdražil

    Mgr. Tomáš Zdražil

    Už v priebehu štúdia (Fakulty multimediálnych komunikácií na Univerzite Tomáša Baťu v Zlíne) sa venoval rôznym projektom zameraným na marketingovú komunikáciu v médiách. Po ukončení štúdia v roku 2004 nastúpil na marketingové oddelenie DHL Express, ktoré od roku 2007 vedie.

    Okrem marketingu samotného má v spoločnosti DHL na starosť aj internú a externú komunikáciu, PR a projekty zamerané na SME zákazníkov a na budovanie firemnej kultúry medzi zamestnancami.

    Medzi jeho záujmy patrí cestovanie a šport. 

Study MBA in English.

The submission of application is free of charge and does not take up more than 2 minutes

Price in EUR

Studies Price of study Regular price
1 installment or more 3.490 EUR without DPH
4.223 EUR with DPH
4.863 EUR without VAT
5.884 EUR with VAT


The price includes

  • processing of the application

  • interactive lectures in form of workshops with quality lecturers for each of the modules, including refreshments and lunch,

  • access to modern on-line educational platform during the period of studies,

  • complete study materials needed for the studies,

  • every student obtain access to online library with more than 5 200 online titles,

  • the possibility to change study programme up to 4 months after the initiation of study,

  • consultations and support of lecturers ,

  • diploma in English with bilingual supplement,

  • graduation ceremony,

  • possibility to prolong studies up to additional 3 years,

  • thesis supervisor and opponent from our lecturer team + their review of final thesis

  • 3 attempts to pass each module,

  • possibility to retake unsuccessful defence of final thesis,

  • access to school´s landing library ,

  • full administration support of our study department,

  • alumni club,

  • additional lectures and seminars on current topics,

  • alternative dates for missed classes,

  • personal approach, individual solutions of study matters

  • possibility to obtain international IES certification.

By graduation in our MBA programme you can obtain international certification IES.

The submission of application form is free of charge, you do not pay any handling fee.

It is possible to pay for the studies in EUR.

Possibility of installment payment

Students may pay the total price or spread payment into two installments. After individual request and agreement the payment can be spread into more installments. The maturity date is due in 14 days after signing the study contract, other installments follow according to agreed installment plan.

Tax allowances

MBA studies are tax-deductible item that can be applied by the employer and entrepreneur as income for professional development in the income tax base. At the same time, it is an employee's income that is exempt under the Income Tax Act if the study is related to the employer's business.